annie2Victory comes from finding opportunities in problemsSun Tzu 

My grandfather used to say that ‘the mediocre person gives up at the first obstacle, while the extraordinary person realizes each obstacle is part of the journey.’ – Sean Maximus Murphy

Hacking the Human is the next step in my journey.  Born out of my passion for writing and my determination to enter the world of cyber security.

My background includes being a Senior Trader, a Bond Analyst focusing on Islamic and Socially Responsible funds, an Investment Analyst, a Risk, and Strategy Consultant, and recently as a Web-facing Design Developer Consultant, and InfoSec/CyberSec blogger.

Social engineering, the INTs, and spreading awareness in addition to the processes of incident response, incident handling, penetration testing, forensics,  resonated with my love of hands-on technology. I was hooked after my first (accidental) SANS meeting.

I traded in my Series 7, 65 and 63 for my first round of InfoSec certificates. I built a virtual lab, strategically network, started this blog, attend security-related hands-on training seminars and capture the flag (CTF) events. My next series of certificates will include the GCIH, CSA+C|EH, GSEC, and the GCIA.

In my free time, I am a surfer and working on my pilot’s license, and I love to race sailboats. Always in search of that perfect cup of coffee. My Guinness, Bourbon and Baileys Irish Cream cupcakes have been known to make grown men cry, and I am an all around huge geek when it comes to technology and astronomy.

One of my best memories is Captaining a crew of 5 at a Frost Bite Race, (winter sailing) during a major snow storm in Boston.  There is nothing better than a group of people overcoming obstacles, coming together, and making great things happen. We made it back safely, placed third and celebrated with a bottle of Macallan’s 25-year-old Scotch, no glasses needed.

To be truly successful in life you need to have strong ethics, be adaptable, have unbridled curiosity, a passion for problem-solving,  confidence in yourself, and a clear understanding of today’s risks; Always follow-through on commitments and never give up, never stop learning, and never stop growing.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Stop. Think. Connect.

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