Cybersecurity is a Team Sport.

There are only two kinds of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be hacked. Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be hacked again.”          

                                                                                   Robert S. Mueller, Director, FBI

Intel predicts 200 billion interconnected devices by 2020. Furthermore, any device, be it a computer, mobile phone, or an Internet of Things (IoT) ‘smart’ device, having an IP address which can be accessed by the web, means there is an enormous potential for cyber attacks. No one is immune.

Cyber criminals and hackers are upping the stakes with the average cost of a data breach currently tracking at $4+ million per breach and expected to rise. Additionally, cyber criminals are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, and the attack surfaces are rapidly expanding.

Regardless of the security invested in the protection of your organization’s assets; your plan is only as good as the weakest link (your employees).images Cyber threats to your organization are often at the hands of outsiders. However, many threats originate from within, when employees’ unawareness or negligence opens a door.

Cyber breaches are not just a technician’s issue. Cybersecurity is a team sport. Having an effective security program requires a partnership throughout the organization; From the boardroom to stakeholders to individual employees, and business partners.

In other words, the solution lies within each employee of your organization. The greatest weapon in protecting those assets includes training of the rapidly evolving threat landscape at every level of your organization.


Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Stop. Think. Connect.

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